First week post op labral tear surgery

The first 3 days was rather a blur. Had surgery on Monday, Tuesday I pretty much slept all day. Wednesday and Thursday I slept a lot as well and don’t remember much.

I couldn’t lift my leg, as the muscles didn’t want to work. I had to have help putting my leg up on the couch. I also had to have my husband help me off the couch and lift me up. As I had no strength in my leg and was just weak overall.

On the night of surgery I ate soup so it was easy on my stomach. The next few nights were a blur. I really only took 2 hydro-acet. Next day after surgery, one tablet a day for the following few days.

I went the day after surgery to physical therapy, which I was still out of it. My husband actually had to answer most all the questions. They really didn’t do too much. I was told due I was to be 25% weight bearing. They gave me some excercises to help keep muscles from declining worse.

I also had problems with my vision, afterwards for a 3-4 days. I had to take off my glasses to read close up, or it would be blurry. I could see far away, just not close up. I had to go without glasses and that was annoying. It slowly got better, although still had relapses after those dew days.

That Thursday I also went to therapy and I was a little more awake but I was pretty sore after. I wasnt able to do much due to tje weight bearing status.

Friday I was finally awake some, and with the little excercises, from therapy, I was able to get up off my couch with the help of my crutches. Now I still could not fully dress myself, but at least I wasn’t stuck on the couch. I still couldn’t get on my bed but, I knew in time things would get better.

Life on crutches part one

The first part of the struggles with being on crutches was gaining strength. Trying to walk very far took a lot out of me. It was also a challenge getting up and down stairs, in and out of stores, and just doing regular tasks.

I was blessed having horses so my upper body strength wasn’t too bad, but some muscles you just don’t use.

In the beginning, I had someone carry everything for me, from food to laptop for work. It was December 1 when I was put on crutches so of course, I couldn’t help decorate for Christmas.

Having to sit around while other people took care of my animals, decorated for Christmas, and did things for me I was unable to do at the time, bothered me. I had a some pity parties, got frustrated, cried, and withdrew at times.

My hunting season was not great either as I didn’t get to hunt much. So not being able to help provide meat in the freezer was a downfall as well.

I wanted so much to just go about my life with no worries, but there I was limited. I started thinking of all the things I couldn’t do, and what I was missing out on. I just felt helpless.

I couldn’t jump on the trampoline, couldn’t walk my horse, couldn’t go to BBR

Finals although I qualified. I was upset because I had a chance to be top 10 in my horses division, but due to the wreck I had to stop riding horses until I was cleared. I started getting grumpy and withdrew.

Then of course my husband stepped in and he allowed me to have a breakdown, pity party, or whatever you want to call it. I cried and afterwards I felt so much better. I then turned to God for answers and realized that although my current situation was tough, it was not who I was, I am no quitter.

I am really good at talking with God when things are going good, but I have struggled with getting closer to him when I struggle.

I started thinking of all the positives, and found a way to carry my computer for work. I didn’t give up and got my horse to lead him with my crutches. I figured out solutions to a my problems that I could address.

I had my kids take turns going to the store with me so I could shop instead of my husband, unless it required heavy lifting.

I spent time with my horse just brushing him while on crutches. My barrel horse was in the barn, so I had to have someone catch him and turn him loose in the pasture for a little bit then put him back up. I tried leading him with the crutches but I would hit his leg and it wouldn’t work out. I never gave up though and kept trying! One day we both figured out how to manage with me on crutches. That was a “winning” situation, and I felt so independent and happy!

I wrote in a journal to release some frustrations and challenges.

I learned how to carry plates, and drinks with my crutches and managed to get in and out of the shower by myself.

Now it was hard when I got my letter for BBR finals and had to just throw it away. But I prayed about it and came to the conclusion there was a reason for me not going.

Well during the BBR they had a bad storm and they didn’t get to perform all days and some trailers were tipped over. So God protected me from that.

God has showed me different things along the way. I read the whole bible front to back then started picking it apart to really understand it. This helped me out and the books of Job and Esther stuck out to me.

Esther was born to do something great, although she was scared and didn’ know how.

Job had so much faith, even after loosing everything. He never gave up!

They both were rewarded for the love they shared for God and doing what was right, even when it was hard.

I missed out a lot with my girls, husband, and horses. But I did grow. I grew spiritually and physically.

Through physical therapy I gained strength and different excercises to keep my strength and get stronger than before.

Spiritually I grew closer to God, and opened my eyes. I learned patience, perseverance, hope, and faith the hard way. I learned that no matter what God is close to the broken hearted and he does provide. Although I already knew it, he reinforced it.

I made it through, and after months of being non weight bearing my fracture started to heal.

I was able to get off crutches and had an injection in my hip. The doctor wanted me to continue excercising and gaining strength so when or if I need surgery, I will be strong enough. He said recovery would be easier that way. It was kind of a relief I would be off crutches for summer.

Bow Hunter

After my accident with the dirt bike, I never gave up with being able to pull a bow back. I tried for over 17 years, before I was able to.

Now it was a very light bow of my sister in laws, but I saw the light at the end of the tunnel! My husband went out and bought me my own so I could start shooting.

It was a Bear bow and gradually I was able to build enough muscle to shoot enough pounds to hunt.

The first few years, I didn’t get anything, as I was not the greatest on distances. Yes I had a range finder, but forgot it when I actually needed it.

There was a few that I didn’t think would be a good shot, so I just enjoyed actually just being out in the woods.

When I am hunting, I am in Gods country! Whether it is in the Colorado Mountains or Missouri woods, I feel close to God. There is a peace and quiet that I can’t explain. This is one place I can clear my mind!

I don’t ever take hunting for granted, as it is a way to provide for my family. I would never want to put myself in a position to just injure an animal. Although I am fully aware it does happen. There are steps hunters take to lessen those chances.

I made a swap with a bow and started shooting even better. The bow was a little faster and I did pretty good with it. It was a Bowtech,  I didn’t get to shoot it as much due to being on crutches from an auto accident, but practiced when I could.

In 2017 I finally had a chance at a buck. I was by myself in a tree stand, the first week of November. It was the night before youth season, and seen a doe come up out of the bottom.

Now I had decided, we had a lot of does and so if she would step out, I would shoot at her. But then to the right I seen another deer. This one was a small buck.

He wasn’t the biggest I saw on the property, but he was a nice little 9 pointer. Honestly he was perfect for my first buck, as most people around here do not get an opportunity to shoot a buck like him.

So I watched him as he stepped out of the bottom, into the clearing. As I was getting ready, he would step behind a tree, so I had to wait. He finally turned a little headed away from me and presented the bed shot.

I said a prayer for my arrow to do its job and released it into the air. It hit him perfectly, right where I was aiming! He ran less than 100 yards, before taking his last breath.

I was excited but also in disbelief that after so many years,  I finally was able to get an animal with a bow. I just wished I could have shared that moment with my family. Although I did get to share it with God!

I went and picked my husband up from his stand and when we were headed to the buck, we had a fork horn almost walk up to us. He actually followed me to get the four wheeler.

The look on my girls faces were priceless and I was definitely happy to help fill the freezer!

Dont ever give up on something you love to do! No matter what it is, you can find a way!

“Now then, please take your gear, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me” Genesis 27:3

“God was with the lad, and he grew; and he lived in the wilderness and became an archer.” Genesis 21:20