Bow Hunter

After my accident with the dirt bike, I never gave up with being able to pull a bow back. I tried for over 17 years, before I was able to.

Now it was a very light bow of my sister in laws, but I saw the light at the end of the tunnel! My husband went out and bought me my own so I could start shooting.

It was a Bear bow and gradually I was able to build enough muscle to shoot enough pounds to hunt.

The first few years, I didn’t get anything, as I was not the greatest on distances. Yes I had a range finder, but forgot it when I actually needed it.

There was a few that I didn’t think would be a good shot, so I just enjoyed actually just being out in the woods.

When I am hunting, I am in Gods country! Whether it is in the Colorado Mountains or Missouri woods, I feel close to God. There is a peace and quiet that I can’t explain. This is one place I can clear my mind!

I don’t ever take hunting for granted, as it is a way to provide for my family. I would never want to put myself in a position to just injure an animal. Although I am fully aware it does happen. There are steps hunters take to lessen those chances.

I made a swap with a bow and started shooting even better. The bow was a little faster and I did pretty good with it. It was a Bowtech,  I didn’t get to shoot it as much due to being on crutches from an auto accident, but practiced when I could.

In 2017 I finally had a chance at a buck. I was by myself in a tree stand, the first week of November. It was the night before youth season, and seen a doe come up out of the bottom.

Now I had decided, we had a lot of does and so if she would step out, I would shoot at her. But then to the right I seen another deer. This one was a small buck.

He wasn’t the biggest I saw on the property, but he was a nice little 9 pointer. Honestly he was perfect for my first buck, as most people around here do not get an opportunity to shoot a buck like him.

So I watched him as he stepped out of the bottom, into the clearing. As I was getting ready, he would step behind a tree, so I had to wait. He finally turned a little headed away from me and presented the bed shot.

I said a prayer for my arrow to do its job and released it into the air. It hit him perfectly, right where I was aiming! He ran less than 100 yards, before taking his last breath.

I was excited but also in disbelief that after so many years,  I finally was able to get an animal with a bow. I just wished I could have shared that moment with my family. Although I did get to share it with God!

I went and picked my husband up from his stand and when we were headed to the buck, we had a fork horn almost walk up to us. He actually followed me to get the four wheeler.

The look on my girls faces were priceless and I was definitely happy to help fill the freezer!

Dont ever give up on something you love to do! No matter what it is, you can find a way!

“Now then, please take your gear, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me” Genesis 27:3

“God was with the lad, and he grew; and he lived in the wilderness and became an archer.” Genesis 21:20

Dirt Bike Wreck

So when I was out of high school, I decided to ride a dirt bike. It looked like fun and I loved doing things, “girls shouldn’t”! I was fearless and not scared of showing the boys up!

At the time I had a track right down the road that everyone would go ride at. One day when everyone was at my house riding dirt bikes, I hopped on one. Now granted they were all racing dirt bikes, and I didn’t wear a helmet. For one no one had one that would fit, and I also didn’t think I needed it.

I was doing really good and they said to, “Give it gas and put it in the next gear”. So of course I did. Well it was fine til I gave it more gas and got thrown back and locked my elbows. I was full throttle and couldn’t let go!

I didn’t scream but had no clue what to do. The first landscape timber I went over and landed fine. Even the second one I made it over without crashing.

After the second I looked up and saw a brick house less than 20 feet away, and managed to go another direction. But when I did, I failed to see the tree stump.

I hit the stump and tumbled, and blacked out for a little bit. When I came to, my head hurt a little, but hand felt funny. They told me to go lay down so went in the house. I think I blanked out again.

Afterwards I looked at my left hand and it was froze in a c shape close to my chest. My right elbow, I was unable to move, and head hurt. I decided to go to hospital.

The first hospital I went to, they took one X-ray and said I sprained it and wrapped me up. The next morning my dad was not happy and took me to another one.

That morning I had surgery as I completely shattered my left hand and cracked my right elbow. Plus I had a concussion. The doctor put 3 pins in my hand and a cast.

My right elbow they said I could wear a sling but nothing else really due to location. But I did end up with nerve damage due to the wreck. I also couldn’t go more than 90 degrees with the elbow.

It made it hard to drive a standard, with the cast and my right arm, and even had to sell my bow.

I was pretty disappointed but managed to continue on. I never gave up on getting another bow. I even kept trying over the years to pull other people bows back.

I  finally managed to pull one back and will continue my story at a later time.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Mathew 19:26


First blog post

pexels-photo-247462.jpegI started this blog to share with others, my journey.  We each have ups and downs. But during these tests, we have our testimonies. With my journey I have seen my share of trials that I have overcome. My journey is not over yet and still working on accomplishing my dreams! I just hope that by sharing my stories, it may help at least one person in their journey.