God’s Glory (Abdominal Mass)

I followed up with my primary doctor after the wreck as my pain was still there in my hip and lower back.

I didn’t get much figured out as they were really concerned regarding the mass so scheduled an ultrasound.

The doctor also sent me to a specialist for my back for a future appointment. They still thought the groin pain was just muscle so nothing happened on that yet.

The mass I was scared, don’t get me wrong. It was a big deal to me. My first thought was cancer. My Aunt passed away from cancer and dad had colon cancer. Many of my other family members and friends have dealt with cancer.

So I had thoughts running through my head and I knew it was the devil trying to steal my faith. So I prayed, and asked for prayers. I knew everything was going to work out. But there was that little voice in the back of my head that scared me.

For my family I decided to be brave and just have faith that it will be fine.

When I went to do the ultrasound, there was a lady training so it made it a little better as the guy explained things in detail. It was very uncomfortable though and took about 30 minutes.

I did get the results very quickly and the mass had shrunk some, so they are pretty sure it is just a cyst.

I was so relieved and happy that God got me through that. I’m grateful it was not cancer and it all worked out.

God gets us through so many trials, we have to learn how to trust in him. It is a struggle and not easy at times!

Wreck that changed everything

I was driving my Chevy one ton truck as the sun was coming up when my life changed. My radio was tuned to K-Love, which is a Christian station. I had just got promoted at work about two weeks prior, and was headed to work.

I popped up over a small hill and seen a person at a stop sign, but before I had a chance to do anything she pulled out in front of me.

She was a young girl headed to school & I knew in an instant we would collide. I tried to slow down but it happened in a split second, although it seemed to last forever.

I remember praying to God to protect her as she was in a smaller vehicle. The impact was in her drivers side and luckily it hit her front wheel, and drivers door. It pushed her over 50 Yards.

If it would have hit only her drivers door, things would have been different. She was also lucky that her car was older and made of metal instead of fiberglass.

When the collision was over, I expected the worst. I couldn’t see the girl and couldn’t open my door, or unbuckle. There was the stench of airbags and antifreeze. My first thought was get to her, so I managed to finally unbuckle by God’s grace. The buckles locked so It took awhile to figure a way out of it. Then I forcefully opened my door as it was dented. About that time I seen her opening the passenger side of her car. She had to crawl over her console to get out.

I walked over to her and checked her for injuries, then gave her a hug. Poor thing was shaking and it appeared she was fine with the exception of a few minor cuts and scratches from her broken glass.

I called 911 & opted no ambulance since I was not in extreme pain. With being out in the country it took awhile before help arrived.

There was a guy that asked if I could move my truck so got my truck moved out of the middle of the road. Right afterwards the guy left the scene although he was the first one there.

I realized I would not be moving my truck anymore. I also called my husband who made it there in no time and just by the grace of God he was in service. He was working construction at the time and where they were building it is hit & miss.

As we were waiting my neck, groin, and back started hurting. I figured it was whiplash and didn’t think anything of it. I have high pain tolerance so I figured I would have my husband take me to get checked.

By the time the tow truck got my truck to my house, and I got to the hospital, a few hours had passed. I was swollen & my groin hurt. I’ve never had that kind of pain there before. They did an X-ray for mainly my back, they said I probably pulled a groin muscle. They found a mass as well that they were concerned with.

They offered pain medication and told me to follow up with my primary.

Bow Hunter

After my accident with the dirt bike, I never gave up with being able to pull a bow back. I tried for over 17 years, before I was able to.

Now it was a very light bow of my sister in laws, but I saw the light at the end of the tunnel! My husband went out and bought me my own so I could start shooting.

It was a Bear bow and gradually I was able to build enough muscle to shoot enough pounds to hunt.

The first few years, I didn’t get anything, as I was not the greatest on distances. Yes I had a range finder, but forgot it when I actually needed it.

There was a few that I didn’t think would be a good shot, so I just enjoyed actually just being out in the woods.

When I am hunting, I am in Gods country! Whether it is in the Colorado Mountains or Missouri woods, I feel close to God. There is a peace and quiet that I can’t explain. This is one place I can clear my mind!

I don’t ever take hunting for granted, as it is a way to provide for my family. I would never want to put myself in a position to just injure an animal. Although I am fully aware it does happen. There are steps hunters take to lessen those chances.

I made a swap with a bow and started shooting even better. The bow was a little faster and I did pretty good with it. It was a Bowtech,  I didn’t get to shoot it as much due to being on crutches from an auto accident, but practiced when I could.

In 2017 I finally had a chance at a buck. I was by myself in a tree stand, the first week of November. It was the night before youth season, and seen a doe come up out of the bottom.

Now I had decided, we had a lot of does and so if she would step out, I would shoot at her. But then to the right I seen another deer. This one was a small buck.

He wasn’t the biggest I saw on the property, but he was a nice little 9 pointer. Honestly he was perfect for my first buck, as most people around here do not get an opportunity to shoot a buck like him.

So I watched him as he stepped out of the bottom, into the clearing. As I was getting ready, he would step behind a tree, so I had to wait. He finally turned a little headed away from me and presented the bed shot.

I said a prayer for my arrow to do its job and released it into the air. It hit him perfectly, right where I was aiming! He ran less than 100 yards, before taking his last breath.

I was excited but also in disbelief that after so many years,  I finally was able to get an animal with a bow. I just wished I could have shared that moment with my family. Although I did get to share it with God!

I went and picked my husband up from his stand and when we were headed to the buck, we had a fork horn almost walk up to us. He actually followed me to get the four wheeler.

The look on my girls faces were priceless and I was definitely happy to help fill the freezer!

Dont ever give up on something you love to do! No matter what it is, you can find a way!

“Now then, please take your gear, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me” Genesis 27:3

“God was with the lad, and he grew; and he lived in the wilderness and became an archer.” Genesis 21:20

Dirt Bike Wreck

So when I was out of high school, I decided to ride a dirt bike. It looked like fun and I loved doing things, “girls shouldn’t”! I was fearless and not scared of showing the boys up!

At the time I had a track right down the road that everyone would go ride at. One day when everyone was at my house riding dirt bikes, I hopped on one. Now granted they were all racing dirt bikes, and I didn’t wear a helmet. For one no one had one that would fit, and I also didn’t think I needed it.

I was doing really good and they said to, “Give it gas and put it in the next gear”. So of course I did. Well it was fine til I gave it more gas and got thrown back and locked my elbows. I was full throttle and couldn’t let go!

I didn’t scream but had no clue what to do. The first landscape timber I went over and landed fine. Even the second one I made it over without crashing.

After the second I looked up and saw a brick house less than 20 feet away, and managed to go another direction. But when I did, I failed to see the tree stump.

I hit the stump and tumbled, and blacked out for a little bit. When I came to, my head hurt a little, but hand felt funny. They told me to go lay down so went in the house. I think I blanked out again.

Afterwards I looked at my left hand and it was froze in a c shape close to my chest. My right elbow, I was unable to move, and head hurt. I decided to go to hospital.

The first hospital I went to, they took one X-ray and said I sprained it and wrapped me up. The next morning my dad was not happy and took me to another one.

That morning I had surgery as I completely shattered my left hand and cracked my right elbow. Plus I had a concussion. The doctor put 3 pins in my hand and a cast.

My right elbow they said I could wear a sling but nothing else really due to location. But I did end up with nerve damage due to the wreck. I also couldn’t go more than 90 degrees with the elbow.

It made it hard to drive a standard, with the cast and my right arm, and even had to sell my bow.

I was pretty disappointed but managed to continue on. I never gave up on getting another bow. I even kept trying over the years to pull other people bows back.

I  finally managed to pull one back and will continue my story at a later time.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Mathew 19:26


First blog post

pexels-photo-247462.jpegI started this blog to share with others, my journey.  We each have ups and downs. But during these tests, we have our testimonies. With my journey I have seen my share of trials that I have overcome. My journey is not over yet and still working on accomplishing my dreams! I just hope that by sharing my stories, it may help at least one person in their journey.