Don’t Quit, Keep Trying!

“Any day that we don’t quit is a day closer to our success!
All things are difficult before they are easy. Thomas Fuller. Go be great!” This was sent to me in 2019 by Roxanne Potter and it’s so true.

Every single one of us faces our own challenges, but how we react to the challenges set us apart. Each trial and tribulation has its own value and purpose to create who we are meant to be. God gives us the choices, but we must also accept the consequences.
These last five years have been the most trying for me personally, yet the most rewarding. Five years ago today I was in an auto accident though at first I thought I pulled a groin muscle. After two months of being in extreme pain, I found out that I had fractured my hip, tore my hip labrum in a couple areas, & herniated discs in my back. I was on crutches for a while to heal the fracture before they could do surgery for my hip. Then I was on crutches for about a year. I was very independent and it was very challenging to rely on my husband and kids to take care of me during this time. I sold my barrel horse as I couldn’t even enjoy the only thing that was my stress reliever. I struggled both emotionally and physically, as I was not able to do things that I could prior. The thing that helped me out the most is I turned to God.
I focused on his word and read the stories of Job who lost everything, yet remained faithful and was rewarded. The story of Esther and her challenges, yet stayed true and saved her people. There are so many other stories of overcomers and their perseverance.
This year is really the first year I started to really ride, as the last couple I was still gaining strength and confidence. I am still not 💯 physically from where I was before but I feel I am so much better mentally!
This year I set goals, to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I began this year not confident with my abilities, lack of balance, & overall fear of failing, and not able to ride because of re-injuring myself.
Coming back from an injury is not easy for sure. I made goals to get my horse in the right lead, which may seem crazy but I also wasn’t giving him the correct cues due to my hip injury. Then he fell and caused some issues creating more issues to overcome. I also had a goal to win a buckle, be in the top 10 for obstacle competitions, & get back to barrel racing. I decided to go big for my goals for this year, but keep them obtainable.
I have already won a buckle, I unofficially have finished in the top 10 in one division (if my horse would not have got hurt it would have been 2 divisions). I’m finally getting him in the correct right lead! The only goal left is barrel racing, which has been a challenge. As it has caused pain when I started loping more, so I bought some compression shorts that help support hips. I also use the Draw It Out Rejuv and it helps any swelling, aches & pains. But I am confident I can get where I need to be at. No matter the outcome, I’m just beyond grateful I can at least ride again, even if I can’t barrel race.
So if you are passionate about something, do not quit, as the road may be difficult, but it is so worth it! Life is way too short to not follow your dreams. This year has shown me that to many times. So start taking steps to live your life!

This was a grueling recovery, but very humbling.
After 5 years I am riding and finally getting back to barrel racing as long as my body allows it!

Published by longshotcowgirl

I’m a mother, nurse, hunter, horse rider, and God fearing woman. I’ve had many set backs but I won’t ever give up as God always provides a way through the trials. Never Give Up!

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