Keep Trying

This verse is one of my many favorites as it has so much meaning to me. During the trials of the 4 years I was recovering from an auto accident, I went through many trials and even thought I would never ride again. This picture was when I was 7 months post hip surgery and I was at my moms house visiting on vacation. I had sold my barrel horse and had nothing else to ride as they were all too young. I was scared of not being able to ride again, scared it would hurt too bad, and at this point I didn’t realize I lost my confidence in myself. I took a few deep breath’s and the first thing I did when I got on was cry and thank God for allowing me on another horse. I cried not because I was in pain, but because I was happy. I cried because for the first time in a few years I was hopefully on the down hill side of recovery. I knew I had such a long road ahead but with God by my side, I know that he is with you wherever you may go. It’s not easy and there have been a lot of discouraging times, but also so many rewarding times! I’m not back to competing yet, but this will be my first year back. I still am not 100% sure if I will be able to barrel race but God has stuck with me and shown me that I can still ride and for that I am truly blessed! I will not ever take another day in the saddle for granted as you truly do not know when it is your last! So enjoy your time with your horses, love on them, ride them, chase your dreams! Remember do not be afraid as Gods glory is so much greater than ours will ever be! #godisgreat #faithoverfear #roadtothedream #roadtorecovery #donotbeafraid #joshua19 #keepgoing #bethankfuleveryday #horseriding

Published by longshotcowgirl

I’m a mother, nurse, hunter, horse rider, and God fearing woman. I’ve had many set backs but I won’t ever give up as God always provides a way through the trials. Never Give Up!

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