Highway Kitten

It’s amazing how God knows what we need in our lives. The last few weeks have been rough leaving me frustrated with myself which made it feel like I was getting farther away from my happiness. I actually prayed Monday morning to guide me and show me how to get back on the right path, before I left for work.
When I seen what I thought to be a dead kitten in the highway lift his head up, my heart took over. I got him picked up and as he sat on my lap with blood dripping out of his eye, it was at that moment I knew this was not my plan. God was using me, although I didn’t know what for, I trusted him. I got to work and put the kitten in a box, which he only liked when I put one of my shirts in it.
But the minute I put him on my lap, he quit shaking, meowing, and snuggled while he slept. I did find him a good home and it was a little sad to see him go. But I came home with a different attitude.
See we are all scared kittens stuck on a highway at one point or another. If we stay where we are at, we are bound to get ran over, but if we have a little faith and trust in God, good things will happen! This little guy trusted me, like I should put my trust in the Lord! He was scared, shaking, and worried, but he allowed me to pick him up to put him in a better situation. Just like we should allow God to Carry us during our toughest times or when we feel stuck & It seems like everything is just trying to run us over. if we trust in him he will pick us up and carry us where we need to go, but we just have to have a little faith. #godisgoodallthetimeandallthetimegodisgood #FaithCanMoveMountains

Published by longshotcowgirl

I’m a mother, nurse, hunter, horse rider, and God fearing woman. I’ve had many set backs but I won’t ever give up as God always provides a way through the trials. Never Give Up!

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