Dirt Bike Wreck

So when I was out of high school, I decided to ride a dirt bike. It looked like fun and I loved doing things, “girls shouldn’t”! I was fearless and not scared of showing the boys up!

At the time I had a track right down the road that everyone would go ride at. One day when everyone was at my house riding dirt bikes, I hopped on one. Now granted they were all racing dirt bikes, and I didn’t wear a helmet. For one no one had one that would fit, and I also didn’t think I needed it.

I was doing really good and they said to, “Give it gas and put it in the next gear”. So of course I did. Well it was fine til I gave it more gas and got thrown back and locked my elbows. I was full throttle and couldn’t let go!

I didn’t scream but had no clue what to do. The first landscape timber I went over and landed fine. Even the second one I made it over without crashing.

After the second I looked up and saw a brick house less than 20 feet away, and managed to go another direction. But when I did, I failed to see the tree stump.

I hit the stump and tumbled, and blacked out for a little bit. When I came to, my head hurt a little, but hand felt funny. They told me to go lay down so went in the house. I think I blanked out again.

Afterwards I looked at my left hand and it was froze in a c shape close to my chest. My right elbow, I was unable to move, and head hurt. I decided to go to hospital.

The first hospital I went to, they took one X-ray and said I sprained it and wrapped me up. The next morning my dad was not happy and took me to another one.

That morning I had surgery as I completely shattered my left hand and cracked my right elbow. Plus I had a concussion. The doctor put 3 pins in my hand and a cast.

My right elbow they said I could wear a sling but nothing else really due to location. But I did end up with nerve damage due to the wreck. I also couldn’t go more than 90 degrees with the elbow.

It made it hard to drive a standard, with the cast and my right arm, and even had to sell my bow.

I was pretty disappointed but managed to continue on. I never gave up on getting another bow. I even kept trying over the years to pull other people bows back.

I  finally managed to pull one back and will continue my story at a later time.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Mathew 19:26


Published by longshotcowgirl

I’m a mother, nurse, hunter, horse rider, and God fearing woman. I’ve had many set backs but I won’t ever give up as God always provides a way through the trials. Never Give Up!

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